Behind the scenes

Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Do you still celebrate Valentines Day even if you’ve been together for years?

We got our shopping delivery last week, just before my husband was due home from work.  Robyn was helping me to get everything in, and started laughing when she saw the Valentines gifts I’d added.

You see, we don’t really tend to do much for Valentines Day.  We get each other a card and small gift, but apart from that, it’s just a normal day.  It hasn’t always been like that, but now we’ve been together for almost two decades it just isn’t something we make a big fuss about.

This has got me thinking – are we ‘normal’ or do other couples still go full on romance even after being together for a long time?

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, Amazon have quite a selection of handcrafted gifts and cards.

Please let me know your thoughts – does the romance change as you get more established in a relationship?  Also let me know if you have any ideas for our YouTube channel as it’s full of tumbleweed at the moment!

Cari xx