Behind the scenes

A weekend in the garden – turning it into a campsite


Well it has been a busy few weeks!  I’ve been enjoying being back at work but really looking forward to the summer off, my first official break from work since the end of March.

So it’s been lovely to spend time in the garden this weekend.  On Saturday we tried to turn our back garden into a campsite (video scheduled for Tuesday at 4 pm) and Sunday we turned ourselves into playing pieces for a giant board game.  You’ll have to wait until Friday for that video!

How are you enjoying the nicer weather?

We have some great videos coming up for our YouTube channel too, with more time to film over summer and firm plans to revamp our spare bedroom so we can use it as a studio (and free up our lounge).  Make sure to subscribe to Mumvteen now so you don’t miss our uploads and see how we get on with our room transformation!

Cari xx