Behind the scenes

School’s out for summer!

The last seven weeks at work have flown by.  I have loved every minute of my temporary TA role in school, getting to know more of the kids and learning alongside fantastic staff.  It’s all good stuff to take back to my actual role in school in September.

But, like most of the staff, I’m ready for seven weeks off.

Teen and I have grand plans for our spare bedroom, which we are hoping to vlog for you.  It’s going to be hard as the room has become a dumping ground as it’s not used as a bedroom.  I’m actually thinking it’s a bad idea, as I’m terrible for wanting to keep stuff ‘just in case’ even though I know we don’t need it.  Time for a radical personality change I think!

It also means we have more time for videos.  I’m not sure yet whether we are going to upload more often or just build up a stock of ready to publish videos, will keep you posted on that one!

What plans do you have for summer?  Are you hoping to have a holiday somewhere or are you staying at home, perhaps doing a big project?  Or maybe you are juggling children and work?  Please comment below, and if you have any cool video ideas share those too, we might just try them and give you a shout out too!