Behind the scenes

Working on being organised and personal development

I don’t know whether you’d class me as disorganised.  I’m very organised when it comes to personal finances – got to make sure those bills get paid!  So why is it in some areas I’m very much disorganised?  Things like filing, keeping my work stuff tidy and sorted, and planning for family events are very much chaotic!

Business related, I can think ahead for days where special gift sets may be required, can work out what products I need to order and by when, but getting newsletters and social media posts sorted – well, it’s very much an ‘off the cuff’ last minute thing.

Take Mothers Day for instance.  In the UK we celebrate it this year on the 14th of March.  I’m going to make up some baskets or bouquets of TBSAH products for my customer group.  I have a good idea of what to include and just need to work out pricing.  I’ve got cards available from my other business so all ready just to order and assemble.  But have I planned out my marketing?

Photo of TBSAH bouquet courtesy of Linsay
Example of a TBSAH bouquet (thanks Linsay)

Another thing I’ve started but not settled into a routine with is my ‘journalling/personal development books’ – after watching the Youtuber Cathrin Manning for about a year, I’ve adopted many of her strategies and become something of a ‘groupie’.  I really admire how organised she is and am trying to develop my own morning routine.  Some days it works, I’m motivated and enthusiastic, but other days?

Please tell me I’m not the only one like this?

Cari xx

Behind the scenes

Stock deliveries, lateral flow tests and birthdays

What an interesting few weeks it’s been!

Celebrated my birthday at the end of Jan.  As if it’s not bad enough to be approaching 50, a lockdown birthday is even less fun than a normal ‘I’m a grown up’ birthday.  It started great, teens reluctant to get out of bed before midday and presents were mostly ones I’d chosen for myself.  Combine that with work and study (because my assignment was due and I didn’t think having a birthday was worthy of an extension) it was a fun filled day.

At least I’ve had some new stock to ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ over.  With the cards it’s easy to admire ones that are destined for customers, but with The Body Shop at Home, the temptation to sniff every new fragranced skin and hair care product is high!  I’ve had great fun planning out how to make our monthly themed boxes special though, I hope the recipients approve!

As if the ‘day job’ wasn’t interesting enough at the moment, the powers that be decided we need to do regular testing.  I totally support the need to keep my colleagues safe, but I detest sticking swabs down my throat and up my nose, so now having to do it twice a week is a challenge.

I swear I sneezed eight times today!

I’ve also started reading a few personal development books.  I’ve struggled with a negative mindset and it’s finally time to change that as it’s holding me back.  I’ve started journaling, and the book I’m reading right now is this one.

If you have any suggestions please share in the comments!

At least it’s February – one step closer to a more normal world.

Keep safe

Cari xx