Behind the scenes

We’re Hello Fresh converts – life update

Can you believe it’s the end of April already?

I honestly don’t know where the year is going.  I’m almost at the end of this years study too, just my final assignment to do (which I’ve sort of started and am now putting off till the last minute again).  I’m flicking between that and my day job, which for some reason is making me more tired than usual.  Maybe it’s all the fresh air I’m getting now the weather is nice and we can be outdoors.

Weekends are filled with business and study (and cleaning – yuk!)  I’m saving up for a steam mop – oh the joys of adulthood – which I’m hoping will make cleaning more enjoyable.  It’s lovely to be able to save for something, we’ve been just about managing all the bills etc for some time, so to finally have savings is exciting.

As we’ve both been more tired than usual, we’ve juggled the finances and managed to buy more meal boxes from Hello Fresh.  We’re really enjoying the variety and it makes it so much easier as everything is measured out for you.  This week we have our second box, with a third due to arrive at the weekend.  It is a little out of our budget at full price but there are lots of discount codes available online, so I think we might be able to manage every fortnight – will keep you posted!

I must admit though, being tired and cooking doesn’t go too well!  The meal we had on Sunday was a Thai meatball curry, and I managed to put the curry paste in with the mince when it should’ve been a spice blend – I hadn’t read the recipe carefully enough!  That was enough to put the kids off but hubby and I ate it and thought it was nice.

The only real issue I’ve had so far is finding meal ideas that everyone might like.  We’re quite a fussy bunch – I don’t eat a great variety of meat or fish and hubby doesn’t like pasta.  This limits the variety of meal options but we’re managing to find four each time to try.  We also fell foul of human error in our second box, discovering missing ingredients.  This seems to happen a fair bit, with some Hello Fresh-ers missing whole meal kits!  I was very impressed with their customer service though and was quickly reimbursed with a credit placed on my account.  That reminds me, I must get some mince from the shop.

We’ve also finally resolved the problems we were having with the vets, following our cat being put to sleep.  I can’t remember how much I’ve shared on here, but she was unable to be collected by the crematorium as the correct paperwork hadn’t been completed (according to the crematorium) but the vets say they didn’t know our wishes (even though we told them and completed paperwork on the day).  There is still much about the situation that doesn’t feel right to me, but I don’t really want to dwell on it – we’ve now changed vets to one more local and after almost six weeks we finally have her ashes back.

My plan is to buy a special rose which we can put her with, and this week the wooden planter for it arrived.  I’ve wanted a half barrel planter for some time, so to have one that we can put her ashes in is fantastic and feels right after all the messing around there has been.  She will finally have her resting place, which should be mobile if we move again (although it’s really heavy empty!)

This weekend we are hoping to get to the garden centre to buy compost and a rose if I can find one I like.  Hopefully we will be able to vlog it for you.

We also splurged a little at Aldi the other day, all in the interests of Youtube – but you will have to wait and see what that one is all about!

Stay well

Cari xx