Behind the scenes

New lunch idea – making TikTok pizza bagels

I try to avoid TikTok as I find myself falling down a rabbit hole and re-emerging several hours later if I do. However one recent discovery is the amount of food hacks that get shared and I must admit, as a bit of a food fan (more baking though) I am quite enjoying trying out the new ideas.

So just this week when I discovered TikTok pizza bagels using easy to get ingredients and only a few steps to make, I dispatched Mr. to the shop to get everything we needed.

We’ve just made them and I’m quite impressed, so thought you might like to try them too.

How to make TikTok pizza bagels


One bagel per person
Two cheese strings per person
One tomato purée


Slice bagel in half so you get two rings (see image)

making pizza bagels step one
Slice bagel in half

Dig a trench in each half

making pizza bagels step two
Dig a trench out

Spread purée over the trench

making pizza bagels step three
Spread tomato puree

Add a cheese string split in half to each trench

Making pizza bagels step 4
Add a split cheese string

Stack the bagel back together
Put on a baking tray
Repeat for all the bagels

Making pizza bagels step 5
Get ready to bake!

Cook in the oven for about 3 mins

So the last step was the only one I wasn’t sure about as I didn’t know what temperature, so I would experiment a little with this as you want the outside to crisp up and the cheese to melt a bit. We did 3 mins at 190 degrees Celsius for our fan oven and they could’ve done with a little bit longer.  If you’re the hungry type then you might need two of these to fill you!

If you try them let me know what you think!