Behind the scenes

Are you ready for Prime Day?

Children are expensive – we all know that.

What I hadn’t appreciated until now, was that the expense doesn’t lessen as they get older.

At first you think ‘well, they won’t be growing as quickly so fewer clothes to buy, fewer toys to buy, might need to spend a bit more on food, but we’ll be ok’.

Let me tell you, if anything it gets more expensive when they reach teenage years.  That’s why I’m glad I have Amazon Prime.  I took out the student version when I started my degree as a way of saving on stationery and ink, but it’s come in very handy over the years for a whole host of child related expenses.

With Christmas looming, money is always stretched.  More so this year, as we plan out a possible Christmas at home instead of going to mums.  So I’m making the most of my prime membership and seeing what bargains I can get on Prime Day.

Prime Day is 13th and 14th October, and everyone with prime membership gets access to special deals and offers.  If you don’t have prime you can take advantage of our 30 day free trial* and see what you think, all while enjoying Prime Day!

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