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Milestones and making our own McDonalds

Hi, just thought I’d start this post by mentioning that it’s Tuesday.

I’m guessing you are probably as bad as I am at keeping track of the days during lockdown.  Every day seems to follow the same routine, get up, breakfast, do some work, eat lunch, then before I know it Mr is back and it’s tea and bed.  The only change is the weekend as Mr is off work.

Anyway, now Ive reminded us all what day it is, can I just share how excited we are that we’ve hit another milestone with our YouTube channel?  13 subscribers!

Its very true that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, but I did hope that we would grow a little faster.  Our lofty ambitions for 1000 subscribers by 14/1/2021 seems well out of reach, but we’re enjoying what we’re doing and it’s bringing us together, something which has proved tricky now the kids are older.

I’m learning new skills in the process too, which is great.  I know we still have a long way to go before we are as polished as successful Youtubers but we will get there.

Today’s video upload was us having a go at making McDonalds.  It’s not easy.  We didn’t quite manage it properly but the Big Mac’s were tasty.  If you haven’t watched it yet go and take a look.

Making our own McDonalds video
click image to watch the video preview

If you didn’t know, we have been (mostly) uploading every Tuesday at 6 pm UK time.  I’m trying to persuade the teens that we should upload twice a week, but as that means filming more often too it’s taking a bit of doing – do you think I can get both of them agreeing to it at the same time?

Anyway, we have some fab video ideas coming up (which will involve us getting messy) so stick around if you need a bit of light relief from all the craziness in the world.


Cari xx