Behind the scenes

Our dining table has disappeared! – Easter update

Hi, how are you?

It’s been a strange sort of a year.  One full year since our first lockdown here in the UK.  It’s almost Easter weekend as I’m writing this, our second one where our usual plans are out the window and I’m wracking my brain to try and make it special.

I asked my 15 (almost) year old if she was bothered about an egg hunt this year, fully expecting her to say she’s too old for childish things.

That was not the response I got!

So, two boxes of small eggs are on order.

Eldest teen isn’t into childish games anymore, but does like an easy life so will probably give in to her sisters pestering and join in.

Do you have plans for Easter weekend?  Please share them in the comments, I’m looking for inspiration!

We’ve found a new way of managing traditional gift exchanging times such as birthdays and Easter.  It’s been hard not being able to visit family as we normally would, and I’ve found myself buying more chocolate eggs than usual as requests come through for us to arrange on relatives behalf.

This means I currently can’t see our dining table.  I’m sure it’s still there, but it appears to be more like a seasonal aisle of Aldi. I’m hoping the teens will find space in their rooms for them so I can get some order in the chaos.  We need some space anyway as I bought some Easter craft supplies for a mum/daughter bonding time – will let you know how that goes!

Galaxy – my favourite ever chocolate, just in case you were curious!

In other news, today is vaccine day for me. I’m nervous, not only because it means going somewhere I’m not familiar with, which always triggers my anxiety, but also because I know some friends have experienced side effects.  I was ill with the virus at the beginning of December, 10 days of dizziness, exhaustion, sickness and bed rest and I don’t want to go through it again.  I will keep you updated on our socials if you want to know how I get on.

So, this weekend is going to involve chocolate, family and a lovely roast.  I’ve also planned a cheesecake to test out my new baking tin – wish me luck!

Cari xx

Behind the scenes

Working on being organised and personal development

I don’t know whether you’d class me as disorganised.  I’m very organised when it comes to personal finances – got to make sure those bills get paid!  So why is it in some areas I’m very much disorganised?  Things like filing, keeping my work stuff tidy and sorted, and planning for family events are very much chaotic!

Business related, I can think ahead for days where special gift sets may be required, can work out what products I need to order and by when, but getting newsletters and social media posts sorted – well, it’s very much an ‘off the cuff’ last minute thing.

Take Mothers Day for instance.  In the UK we celebrate it this year on the 14th of March.  I’m going to make up some baskets or bouquets of TBSAH products for my customer group.  I have a good idea of what to include and just need to work out pricing.  I’ve got cards available from my other business so all ready just to order and assemble.  But have I planned out my marketing?

Photo of TBSAH bouquet courtesy of Linsay
Example of a TBSAH bouquet (thanks Linsay)

Another thing I’ve started but not settled into a routine with is my ‘journalling/personal development books’ – after watching the Youtuber Cathrin Manning for about a year, I’ve adopted many of her strategies and become something of a ‘groupie’.  I really admire how organised she is and am trying to develop my own morning routine.  Some days it works, I’m motivated and enthusiastic, but other days?

Please tell me I’m not the only one like this?

Cari xx

Behind the scenes

Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Do you still celebrate Valentines Day even if you’ve been together for years?

We got our shopping delivery last week, just before my husband was due home from work.  Robyn was helping me to get everything in, and started laughing when she saw the Valentines gifts I’d added.

You see, we don’t really tend to do much for Valentines Day.  We get each other a card and small gift, but apart from that, it’s just a normal day.  It hasn’t always been like that, but now we’ve been together for almost two decades it just isn’t something we make a big fuss about.

This has got me thinking – are we ‘normal’ or do other couples still go full on romance even after being together for a long time?

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, Amazon have quite a selection of handcrafted gifts and cards.

Please let me know your thoughts – does the romance change as you get more established in a relationship?  Also let me know if you have any ideas for our YouTube channel as it’s full of tumbleweed at the moment!

Cari xx