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Back to vlogging – it’s like we never stopped!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

You get up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, have tea and go to bed.

It’s the same routine, over and over.

It’s probably feeling worse at the moment because there’s nothing to break up the routine – no special day out, no ‘difference’ to look forward to.

We’ve even got into a rut with filming and uploading to our YouTube channel.  How other creators are still feeling inspired I have no idea – we definitely weren’t!

Meal times were the usual oven cooked something and chips.  Something had to change.

We got our first Hello Fresh delivery yesterday, despite the app telling me it was pushed back a day because of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

I’d heard others saying they’d had ingredients missing, so we got our camera out, set up everything and started filming the unboxing.  Everything was there – fantastic!  Sadly the fresh meat doesn’t come with a long date so we had to cook one of the meals straight away (I know, life is tough!)

I’ve still got some filming to do before we have a full vlog to edit/upload, so you will have to wait to see how we got on, but we’ve already got our next Hello Fresh box booked in.  It’s great to get some enjoyment back into meal times, and with lockdown easing hopefully there will be more vlogs to come too!

If you’d like to give Hello Fresh a try, the image above will take you over to choose your meals/sign up.  Please share if you have tried them and what your favourite meals are from them.


Behind the scenes New video

What we thought about Shein & the hardest challenge so far

Hello MVT tribe, how are you all?

We’ve been busy making videos for you again – in fact we’re filming three this week, one is already up – testing household gadgets from Shein – and the second one is scheduled for Friday (we’re busy filming the third one then so hope you don’t forget it!)

We loved doing the product test, even if some of the gadgets didn’t work quite as planned.  If you haven’t seen it please take a look using the link above (and subscribe while you are there if you enjoy our videos).  We’ve got more product test videos planned.

So, back to Shein.  I hadn’t heard of this website until I watched some YouTube videos by Jasmin of Jazzybum (you really should check her out too) where she tried on clothes and tested gadgets from them.  I was intrigued by the range of items available, so put together a shopping basket of gadgets and clothing for us.  It took around two weeks for the order to arrive, which wasn’t too bad for overseas delivery, and although some of the sizing on the clothes was a little on the small side, the gadgets were exactly what I expected.

You really should watch our video, it’s quite funny.

So, on to the second video.  This was a difficult one.  It was Robyn’s idea, and just recently her video ideas have been more popular so I went with it, despite being less than keen.  I don’t really want to spoil it (Friday 31/7 at 4 pm UK time) but I can honestly say it felt like the longest video ever – and we’ve done some all day challenge videos so are no strangers to filming for a long time!

Anyway, as I said, we’re filming on Friday so not sure if I’ll be around to respond to comments like I usually do, I really hope you enjoy the video.


Cari xx

New video

Instagram filters make good YouTube videos?

Hi, how are you?

I’ve just had a day back at work, and I’m tired!  All the staff are on a limited rota so I haven’t been in for a few weeks, and had got a bit lazy.  Getting up late morning and staying up until early hours is not a good transition for an 8:30 am start!

I’m so glad I got our latest video edited and uploaded yesterday.  I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to do it today once I’d finished work.  If you love Instagram Filters, then this is one you’ll want to watch.  We had lots of fun trying to work out the gibberish, although some were a bit questionable!  It is live at 6 pm so not long to wait!

Guess the gibberish YouTube video
Guess the gibberish video

We had plans before lockdown to use other Instagram Filters in videos, but they are on hold until we can have some sort of normality.  Do you enjoy watching videos using Instagram Filters?

If you have ideas for any other videos you’d like us to try, please share them in the comments either here or on today’s video, we love to hear from you and will be responding to comments once the video goes live.

Stay safe and watch YouTube!

Cari xx