Behind the scenes How to do Youtube

YouTube – consistency over quality?

Well, this has been a learning week.

In our last post, I shared how we had let life take over and came to filming day with no idea what we were filming.  If you missed it you can catch up here

So, knowing how important consistency is to our channels success, we made a video*.  It wasn’t planned, wasn’t well thought out and was clearly formed from a desperate mindset!

And it flopped.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, we still got views on it.  I made the best I could out of a mediocre idea, but I learned.

I’ve just completed the Youtube Influence Challenge, a seven day intensive course run by Sean Cannell and his Think Media team.  In it they teach the 7 R’s of Youtube success, and I now know the importance of Reverse Engineer and Research before you press Record!

So, if you’re stuck with the consistency over quality conundrum, please don’t learn the hard way and stick ‘any old video’ up.  It is important to be consistent, but you always have to think about what you want from the video and who the video is for.  If you opt for filming ‘anything’ there’s a good chance you won’t get the results you’re after.  Take my advice, plan well in advance and structure everything so you know what’s happening before you even get your camera out!

*If you want to see our last minute video idea, you can watch it on Mumvteen YouTube channel.  Please don’t judge us too much!


Behind the scenes How to do Youtube

A busy YouTube day and what we learned this week

Multi tasking at its best today.

Teen doesn’t get involved much with the editing side of running a YouTube channel.  To be honest, I kind of like it that way, although today it would’ve been nice to share the workload.

We filmed on Monday, you see, and one of the videos was a complicated two different angle shoot, where I have to match the footage from the second phone up with the audio from the main one to keep it consistent.  Did you know audio is one of the first things new you-tubers are recommended to upgrade?  Apparently poor audio is a big no-no (wish someone had told me that sooner).

Anyway, so this editing has taken me all week and I’m still not finished.  So, we were supposed to film again yesterday, but didn’t (we forgot – we’re only human) so we had to do it today instead.  This meant that I’ve been jumping from filming content to editing (video is our Tuesday upload) and then as if that wasn’t enough we had another video scheduled to go live which needed promoting on social media.

Another pair of hands would’ve been very useful!

Why do I think up these 24 hour YouTube challenges anyway?  They’re never fun for me, especially the food based ones.  Ah well, that’s another one filmed and at least the edit should be easier (although I don’t recall any funny moments so think that’s the challenge with this one!)

This week in YouTube land we’ve learned about other income streams – Nick Nimmin has a good video over on the Tubebuddy Channel about this (well worth a watch).  Fortunately my background in running online businesses meant that I had a good idea about what to do, although you may have noticed we’ve joined Ko-Fi now where for the price of a coffee you can not only support our channel but get access to extra content we don’t put anywhere else.  If you want to check it out (or Tubebuddy) you can find links on this page.

I’ve also been trying to come up with more video ideas, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.


How to do Youtube

Upgrading our YouTube skills – learning as we do it!

Hey everyone, sorry we’ve been quiet on here recently.  If you don’t know, I work in a school in the UK and we’ve just started to ease back to something resembling normality (although at a reduced level).  This has meant changes to my working hours and my role in school so I’ve had a lot on my plate!

Anyway, back to this blog post.  We’re still very much at the ‘learning how to do it’ stage, having come to this with no real experience of how to film, edit and upload videos.  So, what have we learned 5 months into our YouTube journey?

1. pick a topic/niche and try to stick to it

Ok, so having said this, it’s now that you can probably experiment a little to find out what type of videos you enjoy making AND have more success with.  A lot of experienced youtubers advise you to find your niche (and they are right) as otherwise you might find your tribe, switch topics and then lose them.

2. don’t get over obsessed with the numbers

I fail at this one!  It’s so hard when you get excited because someone has subscribed, then a day (or less) later you lose one again!  Then you see one video do really well, think ‘yes this is it’ then your next one isn’t as popular!  It is important to know which videos are more popular, but please don’t get obsessed.

3. Research your topics well

If you want your videos to get picked up by YouTube and shown to more people, then check out search terms, titles, keywords etc first.  Some niches this is easier for and we’ve definitely not picked an easy one, but finding out your video isn’t going to be searched for AFTER you filmed and edited it isn’t the best time  (we learned this the hard way).

4. Make your thumbnails the best they can be

Your thumbnail is your shop window.  That and your title is what will get people to click through to your video.  Yes, we’re still working on this one!

5. There’s lots of awesome channels on YouTube who can help you with all of this.

I personally watch Cathrin Manning, Nick Nimmin and Think Media for all my binge watching ‘how to do YouTube right’, but there are plenty more who know their stuff.  Find one or two who you resonate with.

So, five months in and we are at 22 subscribers (yay!) and 27 videos uploaded.  It’s very true that it’s a marathon not a sprint.


Let us know where you are on your YouTube journey.