Behind the scenes

When life went crazy…

We hit several bumps in the road.

One minute you’re cruising along, hitting the occasional pothole, the next everything crashes around you and you are crawling along a dirt track getting bogged down after a weeks worth of rain.

Its only now we are all out the other side that I feel able to blog again.  It’s been a rough 12 months for us personally, but this little guy came crashing into our lives back in January which really helped us heal (although it was rocky for a while!)

Looks the picture of innocence doesn’t he?

Don’t be fooled.  He’s crazy, high energy and reactive to, well, basically everything which makes walk time interesting (but we’re working on that).

Business wise we’ve started Happy Kids Parties, a children’s entertainment business, which seemed a natural progression from my day job.  As always it’s a hard slog getting our name out there but we’re not in any rush to expand, especially as I’m now back into study time again.  The run up to Christmas always makes me feel like I’ve taken on too much, and now my joints are feeling the effects of ageing it’s a real struggle to keep on top of everything.

So, Christmas crazy season starts now.  Juggling work, study, businesses, stock deliveries and a lively puppy is going to be fun, but will hopefully keep me active and feeling young at heart!  This time next year I’ll be wondering how I used to manage it all.

In the meantime send coffee.

Cari xx

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