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When the video ideas dry up

You know when normal life takes over, and the creative side takes a back seat?

We’ve been busy sorting the house out.  Ever since we moved here, our spare bedroom has been more of a store room to make up for the lack of storage space built in to this house.  Over the years, it’s had more and more stuff put in there.  Then Robyn and I decided we needed a filming space, so operation ‘Youtube studio’ was planned for the summer holidays.

As we started (when I say we, I mean mostly I) Molly then decided she’d quite like to have that as her bedroom, so we are now right in the middle of a mammoth undertaking of switching furniture around, getting rid of what we don’t want, and trying to cram what we do want into a small room.  And still have it as a working studio/guest room.

Today is Saturday, our normal filming day.  While I wait for the family to get out of bed, I check our analytics, catch up on social media and look at what videos we’re filming.


A big space where I would normally have video ideas planned out.

This is not good.

So what do you do when you don’t have ideas, you can’t get anything delivered to test/review/have fun with, and you need a video for Tuesday?

Wish us luck!  Any and all ideas considered, so please share below!

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