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Coming up with video ideas

So apparently you want to know how we manage to come up with video ideas.  Well, it’s not easy!  Some days we are fortunate as there are ‘trends’ on YouTube, such as our Recreating TikTok dances video.

Teaching mum TikTok dances videoWe always have a few ideas up our sleeve too, for the times when a trend doesn’t fit with our channel or when we simply get stuck.  Then there are times when we’re tearing our hair out as we need to stick to our schedule and don’t know what video to film!

With three of us involved we also have disagreements – I’d happily do ‘cream pie in the face’ videos but the teens aren’t so keen.  Another factor is the cost – some of our video ideas come with little cost so are easy to do, whereas others have to go on hold until I’ve been paid!

To keep everything on track I have an excel spreadsheet with all our filming and upload dates on it, and I slot video ideas in as and when we can do them.  We have some fun ones coming up over the next few weeks then we need to think of more ideas again, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch!

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